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Nido – New Zealand’s largest retail space

During our initial design meeting with the developer/owner, we were very excited to take on the challenge of this sizable project.

No wonder it was named Project Everest, stretching 30m in Height with 28000 Square metres of conditioned space.

  • Sixteen x Package HVAC units
  • Two x sets of Daikin VRV systems
  • Multiple Fresh air/Extract air systems
  • and BMS controls.

APEXAIR delivered a good quality design build solution that met the budget requirement within a tight timeframe. Having early contractor involvement helped with innovative design solutions with inspired cost savings.

Another highlight of the design solution was to implement a great efficient heat recovery system bringing energy cost down to a minimum, which is utmost satisfying being a clean green system.

Some key points to remember when building/designing:

  • 60-70% of total energy consumption in commercial buildings is contributed by HVAC&R, so it pays to consider running cost during the design phase.
  • Only 3% of total building lifecycle cost is initial building/construction cost. We do understand how important operation and maintenance cost are.